Erika Veurink

Across the table from Haverlee

Erika Veurink
Across the table from Haverlee

Oh, Haverlee, where to begin? We’ve known each other for years, but only recently have we really gotten close. And it’s been magic. She and I speak the same language-most of our conversations are “yes” and “same here.” Haverlee is a generous listener, a creative visionary (her photography is here), and adventurous spirit. I could go on, but I’ll save it for the voice notes we send back and forth.

Across from Haverlee.

EV: What do you want to do more of?

HC: First of all, I’m terrible at answering questions on the spot.

EV: That’s the point.

HC: More of connecting deeply with friends. I tend to be a recluse, especially in the winter. I want more live music and great food and new cities, places. But that’s kind of always my goal.

EV: That’s perfect.

HC: Generally, I want more discipline to achieve some goals that I have in my head.

EV: Less of?

HC: Less of my phone. Less of staying up too late and sleeping too late. And less wasting time.

EV: And what do you have the perfect amount of right now?

HC: Drive. I see things in my future and I feel that they’re attainable. I have just enough discomfort and confidence to make those things happen.