Newton's Law

Snails carry their homes on their backs. Feel the tightness in your shoulders and ask yourself what you’ve been carrying. Empty your purse, but save all ticket stubs. Tuck them into unread books for an expected dose of nostalgia.

Spend your money on monogrammed notecards and elaborate cocktails. Both have an excellent return rate. A bad movie at a theater you love is still borderline therapy. Sit in the dark and bear witness to something. The silence, the popcorn, the coming attractions—it’s all good for you.

Wear the striped shirt. Unbutton a button. Live a little. After all, clothes are messages and wouldn’t you prefer to send an interesting one? Tie a silk scarf in case of chance encounters or last minute convertible rides.

Call him. Hold your breath while it rings and don’t forget to exhale when he answers. But above all else, never leave a voicemail. Ask your favorite people about their favorite things. Everyone's a connoisseur, it’s just a matter of finding out what of.

Never show up empty handed to someone’s apartment. Try flowers or sparkling wine or a crossword puzzle with words you that remind you of them.

If you’re in a bad mood, have you thought about putting on Robyn? If you’re in a good mood, why don’t you invite someone into it? When you need to know the answer, think about why. When the sun finally sets, think about how at 3 pm you never thought it would.

Why not take a walk? On the wild side, to the canal, past the bar you never met him at, anywhere. An object in motion is likely to eventually find rest. Consider Newton’s Laws open to creative interpretation.