Absolute Loves: August 30, 2019

Hello from the beginning of the end of summer. As a true Autumn Girl, I’m thrilled and already planning my annual viewing of Love Story. But there is something to be said about long nights and the sort of weather that makes you feel like you could take a long walk home any given evening.

Speaking of walking, what about clomping? These are the best clogs of my life. I ordered them at the start of summer and have worn them all over—Bennington, Whole Foods, the beach, out to dinner, to the bodega at 11 pm paired with my nightgown.

Hair care is something I care about very minimally. But Hairstory has converted me entirely. I’ll sing the shampoo’s praises to anyone who will listen, but mostly on the phone to my mom.

I listen to albums all day when I’m home. Recently I’ve been loving Andrew Bird’s “My Finest Work Yet” and Daniel Caesar’s “Case Study 01.” When I’m in a podcast mood, I’ve been on a This American Life bender.

Something about the start of the school year makes me weak for a flow chart. These end and beginning of the week prompts have been incredibly helpful recently.

When 5 o’clock rolls around at Chateau Veurink, there’s nothing I love more than mixing a simple cocktail and reading to unwind. By simple I mean absolute barebones—think Campari soda or recently, Mezcal, soda, and lime.

My favorite (and Sofia Coppola approved) brand for basics is having a sample sale this weekend. Calder Blake’s shirts are so flattering and wash well.

I saw Give Me Liberty at BAM and loved it. I read Housekeeping and won’t stop talking about it. I baked Nigella’s Warm Blondie Pudding Cake and can’t imagine going back to my life before said dessert.