How to Spend a Week in Des Moines, Iowa

Order a Ruthie, and a pack of Marlboro Reds while you’re at it, at Yankee Clipper.

Score only the most prairie-adjacent vintage blouses from St. Vincent de Paul for your friend back in Brooklyn.

Stare at a Monet until you feel like crying or kissing someone at the Des Moines Art Center late on a Thursday.

Finish the novel your best friend knew you’d love over a cappuccino at Horizon Line.

Pay Tran a visit to take in the waist of some Levi’s from high school.

Meet a friend/grandma/former lover/enemy for a pastry at the beloved La Mie.

Wear sunglasses into Fleur Cinema for an afternoon showing of a movie you’ve already seen.

Fill an extra-wide cart with groceries from Hy-Vee; opt to have them carried to your car.

Bake a Pear and Almond Tart and freeze it for your brother’s belated birthday celebrations.

Steal your mother’s camel coat, a la Love Story, and count it as a compliment.

Stock up on love notes and notepads at Pink Print Co.

Opt for watermelon at the Iowa State Fair, but indulge in a veggie corn dog on your way back to the car.