Absolute Loves: May 21, 2019

Lots has happened over at Chateau Veurink since my last list of arbitrary obsessions. I surprised my mom for her birthday in Iowa, was surprised by a stolen wallet at Granty’s regatta in Philadelphia, and, no surprise here, hosted about sixteen wonderful guests nearly every weekend.

I’ve been dying to get this off my chest and into the internet ether for a week: American Girls podcast. My sister, Jim, sent this to me and Ruby. I was skeptical, but reader, if American Girl dolls were a thing for you, trust me. It’s part history, part pop culture, and all nostalgia.

The Longform is a perennial podcast favorite, but I recently listened to Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s episode for the first time recently. I’m all the way in to her writing, especially this piece on Goop, this one on Tom Hiddleston, and of course this one on Hillsong.

It’s summer in the city, like it or not. Do you have your SPH of choice on dock? Might I recommend EltaMD, the tried and true classic. Also a summer essential, in a different way, picnic blankets! This is my trusty dusty version I’ve been hauling to the park most weekends.

My last visit to Iowa was eating out heavy, which was a fun way to try places I never did living there. Cheese Bar did not disappoint, esp in the drinks department. University Library Cafe is the official Plan B Brunch Spot and I mean that as a compliment. Please do not read the title and expect a literature theme, as I did.

Walking to breakfast at La Mie, I spotted a new vintage spot called Rumors. Lydi and I stopped on the way back. It’s well curated, cool, and has a surplus of good t shirts. Plus the connected parking lot is the best kept secret for the Saturday morning breakfast rush. You heard it here first!

Lastly, I wrote a piece for Quarterlife Magazine! I wouldn’t say the crushing doubt and anxiety that came with post grad is an “absolute love” but it was good to think about it in hindsight. Also, a website I love, in general. An absolute love would be using the term “uni” over “college,” certainly.