Absolute Loves: April 10, 2019

It’s been a season of visits, with two more coming up before a weekend trip to Philadelphia in May. It’s nice to have an excuse to try new spots and stay out on weekends.

I copied down this manifesto and taped it to my wall this morning. All On Being, all the time. See this article.

Lydia and I saw Better Oblivion Community Center in concert this weekend. I’m still on my Phoebe Bridgers kick, only this time it’s boygenius, specifically this Tiny Desk performance.

In the market for new breezy summer dresses? Look no further than The Summer House, my new go-to for sustainably and ethically made clothing. Plus, the designs are all very chic and ideal for daydreaming about a trip to the coast or at least out of Park Slope.

Vera Iliatova is a Brooklyn based artist I wrote about for the Red Hook Star Review. Her work is perfect for spring and just generally an absolute love of mine.

I’m a Shinola notebook obsessee, but all sometimes I miss a good old fashioned spiral. I’ve been using this as my journal and am very jazzed by it. Modern and affordable, plus available in two days!

Everyone should be using Brandless, especially in New York. It’s the easiest, most cost effective way to buy the most boring things; read: toilet bowl cleaner and maple syrup. I usually place a big order every other month or so.

I could talk endlessly about vintage. I could also talk endlessly about the lack of good vintage shopping in the city. After five years of searching, I declare No Relation in Gowanus the best that can be expected without renting a car and getting out of dodge.