Absolute Loves: March 6, 2019

It’s very much still winter in New York. Nights are long and even the walk to the subway feels like an arctic adventure some mornings. Regardless, lots of favorites to share and plenty of cozy nights in with friends to come.

No secret here, I’m vintage denim obsessed. While in Vermont, I took Ruby to my favorite spot for vintage jeans in the world. A wall of jeans organized by size and cut made trying an assortments of styles simple. I picked up Levi 505’s, which was a departure from my beloved 501’s. This blog post is helpful for understanding the difference.

Have I talked about Skin Food enough? Will my love for it ever wain? Not to get dramatic, but it’s the product single handedly getting me through the winter.

I had a moment with bullet journaling last year. It was fun while it lasted, loved the flexibility, but needed something with a bit more structure. Enter, the Shinola Runwell Planner. It’s perfectly minimal while remaining really lovely to reference every day. (Do I even have to mention it’s monogrammed?)

The Drop Out is the perfect podcast to devour in a weekend. It’s fast, so interesting, and dark without being too heavy. Also tres into The Robcast, as of late.

I made this chocolate olive oil cake for a dinner party last week. It’s GF, dairy free, and basically a new staple. I was sent on a whipped cream acquisition mission as it was being served. Thankfully I live on top of a grocery store.

When I miss Jim lots, I put on Kacey Musgraves’ album, which she turned me on to. Jim got me this speaker for my birthday which makes blasting “Space Cowboy” even better. There was a summer I played this song by her every time I got into the car.

Lastly, I’ve been rereading Mary Oliver every night from her book Devotions. It’s sort of the perfect way to end the day and has become a permanent fixture on my bedside table.