Almost Spring

Surrendering an afternoon to a foreign film is an excellent loss. Sharing popcorn is a non-negotiable. Whispered five second reviews of trailers are crucial. Refrain from talking during the movie, but not after. Order cocktails and do your best film critic impression with whatever buzz words you remember from your Intro to Film class. Discuss the costuming, the soundtrack, but realize that sitting next to someone in a cinema is the real magic.

You’ll always make too much pasta, so it’s best to preemptively invite friends over. Light some candles and put on your best playlist. If a game of Bananagrams breaks out, so be it. Misery loves company, but so does joy and heartbreak and general ok-ness. Life and online streaming accounts are both better shared.

Build a fort out of throw pillows and read until you go cross eyed. Remember the reading glasses on your side table and squeeze in another chapter. Use Polaroids and theater programs as bookmarks; anything that’ll make you a tiny bit happy as you drift off mid-paragraph.

When waiting in line at the post office, offer to drop off the frantic woman’s package. When she accuses you of attempting robbery, shrug, and resume your podcast. For every mean person there is at least one unreasonably kind one. VIsualize yourself being one of the unreasonably kind ones.

Try a new cafe in the neighborhood. Complain about the lack of alternative milk options. Leave for your favorite spot and vow never to branch out again. Trying new things is hard and sometimes pans out but other times is just a pain--like bangs or hot yoga. But then consider all the times a new thing turned out to be the best thing. Running the risk beats never knowing.