"I Love You" in Chocolate Chips

Thank God Valentine’s Day is only once a year. More than annually and we all might lose our minds. It’s hard to opt out of, even if red looks awful on you. It’s especially hard to opt of when you think of all the ways you felt love, just on your walk this morning.

Writing sonnets is a good place to start, but so is leaving sprawling voicemails with no clear outline. True love is a conglomerate of talking in circles and best intentions. Love notes are the number one reason for the US Postal Service, any way. Ask your mom for stamps. Stay up late spilling your heart on paper, then lick the seal.

May I suggest fashioning a meal entirely of chocolate and a second course of just champagne? May I also suggest reckless abandon in the punctuation department? This just might be the most socially acceptable day of the year to go overboard with exclamation points. Try it!

There are a thousand ways to say I love you. Turn to the best of the 80s for inspiration. Get distracted. Remember you secretly love Duran Duran. Saying “I love you” can be singing “I love you” in an acapella choir. It can be texting “I love you” in the perfect emoji code. It can be spelling “I love you” in chocolate chips on top of boxed brownies.

Stack compliments on top of each other like the Leaning Tower of Please Feel. They’ll topple, inevitably. But when they do, it’ll feel warm and safe. Sigh and stare lovingly into the eyes of something. You’ll feel better for it.