Consider Dry January

Ditch the resolutions and imagine what Julia Child would say about your unused baking tin. Imagine it in her perfectly pitched tone. Attempt a souffle or tarte or anything with a French twang to it. Delight in the stained edges of your cookbook. Call your mom and tell her she was right: about the apple crisp needing lemon juice and about mostly everything else.

Always pack a hat, even if your hair looks good. Expect delays on the A train. Feel delighted when you land the trash in the basket first toss. When things go your way, remember they don’t always stay that way. Spend your laundry quarters on arcade games. Because your whites can wait until next week. Rally X cannot.

Consider “Dry January” and then remember champagne exists. Celebrating without bubbles is just a meeting. And meetings are for finance bros. Find friends who opt for pizza over a proper sit down dinner. Keep them. Shower them in book recommendations and sappy emails. They’ll show up to dinner parties with cheese, even if it’s raining.

Wander through your neighborhood listening to jazz. Get bored and put on Prince. Get bored at least once a week. Keep a notebook close for the inevitable strike of inspiration. So much happens when we slow down. So slow down, and be amazed.