Absolute Loves: January 18, 2019

I’m back in Brooklyn and almost back in the swing of things. Looking forward to a relaxed weekend. Wishing you the same. Let’s get to the loves.

Baking these gf cookies tomorrow. I’m already hungry. They’re so easy, super decadent, and 100% Nigella Lawson all the way through. Plus I ordered buckwheat flour is bulk this week. I have a shelf of gluten free flours that’s basically a dusty graveyard of baking, but feeling very into buckwheat at the moment.

About to re-read The Complete Artist’s Way, which is a massive book chalk full of practices for artists or artist adjacents. Highly recommend if you’re in a creative slump or like toting around a very dramatic, serious looking brick of a book. Turns out I identify with both.

Ok, no one talks about how hard it is to find a good place to dance in Brooklyn any given night. I spent probably a year hopping from bar to bar, praying for a decent DJ, maybe some early Rihanna if I was lucky. No more. My neighbor/beloved friend Eva and I have commited hard to Friends & Lovers.

I was totally gutted by both Cold War and If Beale Street Could Talk recently. January feels like the perfect time to warm up in a theater with stunning films like these.

The album Stranger In The Alps by Phoebe Bridgers has been playing nonstop in my apartment. It’s perfect. And also, I’ve been on a huge Desert Island Discs kick.

Lastly, are you putting tahini on everything? I am and it’s really working for me. I’ve been sticking to salads, mostly but some cookies and maybe even oatmeal are on the horizon.