On Early Fall

I’m thinking it’s a good idea to hide your phone at some point every day-to stare out a foggy window or memorize a line from a poem, instead.

Not only is this impossibly old fashioned but might spark accidental joy.

Practice kindness by smiling at the sleepy dogs that run into your legs on your morning walk. They are tired and trying their best, too.

Maybe now is the time to read the important novel that’s been staring at you from your bookcase. There is likely at least one lovable, unconventional aunt to whom you can relate. Or drop it off at Housing Works and recommit to your strict Nora Ephron diet.

Imagine yourself buying flowers in a perfectly worn in striped sweater. Think of this when your train switches from local to express without warning. Carry small scraps of paper with lyrics from Prince or Leonard Cohen in your back pocket for the same effect.

It’s not too early to think about what you’re thankful for. Be serious about gratitude, less serious about your daily vitamins. The air is crisp now. Park benches are calling. Go drown in it.