Short Form


Remember passing notes in middle school? The weight of a box checked "yes," "no," and even worse, "maybe?" Do you remember the excitement of a note slipped into the metal gills of your locker before the last bell rang? Or the pressure to craft the perfect pre-summer sentiment to your friends in the back of their yearbooks?

I miss handwriting-the way it extends a person further into your memory, the way it stays even when people change. It's no secret I'm nostalgic for all things paper and pen related. I've evangelized many times on the importance of writing notes, of my love for local paper shops, and even the brilliance of personalized stationery. But what I really love about handwriting is the connection it provides to people we love. The notes my dad scribbled, surely haphazardly, on his way to work and tucked into my lunch box, remain sacred to me. 

So, here it is, my answer to all that nostalgia and my obsession with the smart, beautiful women in my life. Sent this form, they were asked to fill them out as candidly as they pleased. I hope this series inspires you to write more: for yourself and for others. Watch this space for a new short form every week. xx E   (p.s. Click on the form to see more from each woman.)

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