Absolute Loves: December 7, 2018

Welcome back! Another round of favorites, some of them linkable, others more conceptual, all of them a true obsession of mine. It’s gotten cold in New York and I’m feeling increasingly more festive. Let’s get into the loves.

I’ll open by admitting something. I’m a ponytail woman. It only took twenty-two years for me to embrace this fully and much of that is due to my recent discovery of silk scrunchies. I ordered them in bulk and doled them out to my closest friends, like chic friendship bracelets. Bonus: Less breakage and helps prep any outfit for impromptu appearance at an 80s themed party.

Mrs. Meyers might be the most notable celebrity from Iowa. I mean, really, put up a convincing argument for Ashton Kutcher or some president. She’s a cleaning icon (?) and the love of my adult life. The seasonal scents are a serious matter for me and my best friend, Ruby. She’s a Peppermint girl while I lean toward Iowa Pine. Listen, they sell out fast, so take matters into your own (clean) hands and make it happen. Your counters will thank you.

If you’re in the market for a great red for a classic pizza pairing, I’ve been enjoying Lacrima di Morro d’Alba 2015 Mario Lucchetti. Get over the pop art label and enjoy this medium bodied, floral delight. Is my wine store showing yet?

Speaking of beverages, oat milk. I know, I know! The trend is hardly a revelation, but Oatly is. For months, I’d been buying some weird brand from my bodega. One morning, I decided to splurge on Oatly. It’s been worth it and I’m now officially the kind of person who has an oat milk preference.

Lastly, it’s time for the recreation activity of the hour: shuffleboard. My neighbor-friend, Eva, threw her party here last week. We all sort of stumbled into a new hobby. I can’t wait to go back, maybe this time with a clearer understanding of the rules and one less martini?

Bonus: I don’t care about Christmas music. I do care about my brother’s music recs, so Thirdstory has been in heavy rotation.