Absolute Loves: December 28, 2018

Greetings from Iowa. This batch will be inspired by the things that make coming back to this lovely state, well, lovely. Wishing you a happy new year and lots of last minute holiday baking.

The Des Moines Art Center is a perennial favorite, but its late hours on Thursday are especially delightful. It stays open until 9PM, making it the perfect post dinner pit stop.

On the rare occasion I can’t convince my brother or sister to drive me, I’ve enjoyed the freedom of blasting whatever I’m in the mood for over the car speakers. This week it’s been Feist and this podcast on The Female Gaze by Jill Soloway.

Eden, oh Eden. I’ll risk beating the dead horse that is my unyielding love for this store any day. Jim gifted me Jao Refresher (a natural answer to hand sanitizer) for part of my Christmas gift. I picked up Sensitive Pit Cream from Fat and The Moon for my mom, which turns out to be the natural deodorant we’ve all been praying for. Endless thanks Josh for turning me on to it x

Coffee is a nonnegotiable part of my morning routine. This instant coffee from Laird Superfood has changed the game. Packed with nutrients, it mimics the effects of Bulletproof Coffee-sans dirty blender. The whole family has become properly hooked.

We threw a dinner party on Christmas Eve and this sangria recipe was a reminder of how easy and festive the drink really it. Also being at my mom’s house is a reminder of how easy and festive it is to prep a dinner for twenty with more than a foot of counter space, but I digress.

Shirkers was just as weird and captivating as I hoped. It’s about a road movie created by three best friends in Singapore. Part manhunt and part mystery, it’s a bright, reflective look at the loss and gain of trust and the unwavering creative vision.

Vintage shopping is just better in Iowa. Hot take, but the curated, overpriced shops of Brooklyn can’t compare to the rush of pulling out the perfect button up from a rusted rack and realizing it’s marked down to fifty cents. This week was no exception. I’ve already shipped back one box of sartorial gold. The best spots in Des Moines are Funky Finds and Salvation Army. Best paired with a coffee from Horizon Line.