I'll Have What She's Having: Joni Mitchell

Often pegged as the reigning queen of flowy, bohemian style, Joni MItchell lives a life more along the lines of punk. Her art, her wardrobe, and the persona she carefully molded are all comprised of moments of rebellion. Blue was unlike any album before. Her Laurel Canyon home was unconventional for the late 60s. And her way of dress was tethered to her unique, yet universal view of the world. The opening chords of A Case of You as hauntingly personal as her long, almost straight hair, parted in the middle, tangled in the strings of her guitar.

In the loose, floral world of 70s kaftans, Joni Mitchell’s draw to tailored menswear remains one of her less notable, but equally iconic, wardrobe choices. Suits always felt lived in, wrinkled perfectly, with just enough crop to keep them playful.

That being said, Joni has always been the authority on the statement dress. What I love is the detailing in every dress she wears that makes it memorable without making it fussy. Ruching or ruffles help the piece to stand on its own-coupled with loads of dangling jewelry, of course.

Speaking of accesories, let us not forget the magic of Joni Mitchell in her trademark beret. It might strike most as a surprising hat choice, especially in contrast to the floppy, woven looks common in the 70s, but it’s totally her. Quietly sophisticated in her interpretation of the style de jour, Mitchell made choices that spoke to her, not the zeitgeist.

But quiet sophistication doesn’t mean boring, not by a long shot. Even in these four unique outfits, see how Joni Mitchell embraces a host of textures in a number of silhouettes. Somehow, every look feels anchored and completely like herself. That’s the magic of personal style.

So put on Blue (arguably seasonally appropriate) and dust off the beret in the back of your wardrobe. Book a trip to the Canadian wilderness or the island of Crete. Nothing is more Joni Mitchell than to run away, a flash of blond hair and flared dress, in the name of artistic discovery.