Weekend Rewind: Thanksgiving in Brooklyn

You don’t know holiday traffic until you tried to jaunt out of New York for Thanksgiving weekend. Actually, I wouldn’t really know, considering I’ve avoided it every year I’ve lived here. This time around, the Veurinks decided to capitalize on the ghost town New York morphs into by celebrating here. Grant drove in from Boston. Mom and Jim hopped a flight the day before. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Repping his city recklessly

Repping his city recklessly

Grant got here early, so we cut through Prospect Park for a morning at my new favorite coffee shop. Sweetgreen was Jim’s one request for this visit. Once the whole family was accounted for, we rode into the city for a late lunch. Then, another Jim favorite, we walked to L Train Vintage. We both ended up with long sleeved leotards, oddly.

As seen on Jim’s Instagram (@ sarahveurink )

As seen on Jim’s Instagram (@sarahveurink)

Thanksgiving morning breakfast was courtesy of Mom’s pastry run. I worked at Slope Cellars during the day, which cleverly exempted me from any Thanksgiving food prep. I dutifully picked up groceries the week before, but had the pleasure of walking in from work to an entire feast. Jim and Mom got to experience the maneuver of kitchen tasks in a miniature workspace. They fared excellently; the food was all wonderful. And no holiday would be complete without a pie from Jim-homemade crust always.

That night, after a serious nap, we bundled up and headed to the theater to see The Green Book. And if there’s one constant in the Veurink household, it’s the inevitability of popcorn with every movie.

Chic Thanksgiving Jim

Chic Thanksgiving Jim

Friday morning was spent at our beloved Cousin John’s, a return visit for all of us. Lots of coffee was needed to fuel our Uptown trek to The Met. The museum grew increasingly busy as the afternoon went on. We split up and met back up in true introvert fashion. A stop at my favorite UES thrift store, then back to Park Slope. A lovely dinner with friends ended the evening-except for me and Jim. We stayed up, waltzed to the bodega in pajamas, and talked on the steps to the roof to avoid waking Mom and Grant.

Ice skating in Prospect Park was highly anticipated, but lost some of its luster when I announced we’d be taking a thirty minute walk through the park in the low temps to get there. Fuel via Gather was needed, plus the promise of hot chocolate to come. From there, we stopped at Greenlight and then got ramen at a new favorite spot.

Afternoon naps, leftovers, and packing were all in order when we got home. It was a sad goodbye made bearable by the fact we’ll all be reunited in Iowa in a short month. Mission: Everyone Stay in Erika’s Studio was a success. Feeling super thankful for my little family and this city I call home.