Across the table from Hannah Gulledge

Hannah is smart and kind. She works in the art world and has an incredible commitment to and passion for her work. She’s gluten free, has the best pants, and is always down for dancing. I’m grateful to call her a friend.

Across from Hannah Gelledge.

EV: What makes art memorable?

HG: I truly do believe art is in the beholder. You get out of it what you bring to it. I might look at a piece a year ago and it has no affect on me, but here I am a year later and it’s all I can think about.

EV: Wait, I love that. What art experience, outside of a museum, can you speak to in New York?

HG: In New York?

EV: Yes.

HG: There was this art night in Tribeca not too long ago where all these galleries basically opened their doors after hours and had special talk series, live performances, etc. It was really cool that an entire neighborhood got together for this event and supported local galleries and artists.

EV: Ok, last question. Most overrated artist?

HG: Jeff Koons, hands down. Everyone else believes it. So it’s kind of a cop out answer, but here we are.

EV: Wow, (laughing) thank you so much.