Absolute Loves: November 13, 2018

“Write what you know,” the classic writing advice from Mark Twain. If I took this adage literally, my website would be a messy hybrid of Revolutionary War trivia I can’t seem to dislodge from 9th grade and The Bling Ring soundtrack. A perhaps more flattering interpretation would be to write what you like. And I like a lot of things-some less serious than others. So, this is a place for those likable things to live. Will it remain coherent? Hopefully! Will there be any sort of pattern to it? I’m an Enneagram 4, so no. Will it ideally bring to mind things you love or introduce you to new absolute loves? You betcha. (Sidebar: I think it’s been four long years since I lived in the Midwest that I employed that phrase in earnest, but let’s go!)

The dismantling of The Civil Wars will always be my biggest musically related grief. My brother and I have a monthly text exchange just to share in our sadness/unyielding love. I’ve been listening to this album non-stop this week.

More Park Slope centric content, just when you thought I’d exhausted my options. But bear with me. Camperdown Elm is my new favorite spot in the neighborhood, especially for breakfast. Happy Hour here is on my to-do list.

I love a toffee moment and the holidays feel like the most socially acceptable for me to advertise my obsession. This recipe looks healthy-ish; which just so happens to be my favorite adjective attached to food.

A long time Moleskine lover, my transition to Shinola notebooks has been gradual. But at the end of the day, excellent customer service wins out. Did I say customer service? I meant free in store monogramming, sorry.

Watched Paris is Burning for the first time on Sunday. It’s a pillar of the documentary genre for a reason and impossibly intimate, plus so beautifully shot. And not to sound trite, super iconic.

Nigella Lawson is getting me in the holiday spirit with this Christmas Special. Yes, it’s an hour. Yes, it’s required holiday viewing. Think of it as a Hallmark Christmas movie with more bokeh and three pudding varietals instead of small town romance.

Bonus: The photo shown is from Gather, a perennial favorite. But their oat milk cappuccinos are my true absolute love right now. Paired with a muffin de jour and the last 30 pages of whatever book I’m trying to finish-perfection.