Across the table from Stephanie Veurink

Say hello to the latest interview series. It’s inspired by the feeling of excitement and gratitude that flushes my cheeks when I leave a dinner or a coffee with one of my people. I wanted to capture those I love across from me, by asking a few questions tailored to their stories, a few photos that bring to life their energy, and leave you with the same feeling of brightness. My hope is that you’re reminded of the ease and inspiration that being across the table can bring.

Across from Stephanie Veurink

EV: What do you stay up late for?

SV: Reading a good book or watching a movie

EV: Any movie? I don’t believe that.

SV: Only a good movie, or I stay up late to watch Blue Bloods. And to talk to you.

EV: To watch Blue Bloods? Ok, wow. Next question is, how do you see yourself specifically in each of your children?

SV: In you, I see the caring, nurturing side of me. Like, when I’m around, you take care of details and that’s what I do. And with Grant, he likes structure and for things to go XYZ, a certain way. Sarah, I see her joy and her providing food for people.

EV: And your last question, when do you recognize yourself most clearly? Like doing what?

SV: Probably when I’m praying in the morning. That’s when I see myself most clearly.