Sixteen Reasons to Love Jim

My baby sister can officially drive a vehicle, alone, anywhere she wants. Likely, that'll be to the gym for a barre class and even more likely she'll be blasting a Katy Perry hit she refuses to forget about on the way. I'm emotional, missing her, and a weepy mess in my apartment wishing we were together celebrating. So instead of all that, here are sixteen of the ways my sister, Jim, wins over the hearts of internet strangers and the kids lucky enough to have her as a babysitter, alike. 

1. Her unabashed commitment to television series serves as one of her most delightful attributes. Fixer UpperGilmore Girls, and Riverdale rank among the most recent. She dives into fandoms head first, always ready to provide trivia and background on any character. 

2. Show choir lifts might seem, to the untrained eye, a feat of unimpressive proportions, but to an ex-liftee myself and show choir lover, they're anything but. Every single season of her varsity show choir career, Jim has been hoisted into the air, glimmering smile unphased by this maneuver. 

3. Target runs with my little sister are anything but efficient. No aisle is left untouched, no snack without a well thought out debate of purchase or not, and Starbucks is almost always acquired.

4. Speaking of coffee, after convincing me to drag myself to a morning yoga class, Jim is prone to bring the world's best bulletproof coffee downstairs, in my favorite mug, without prompting. MIss that.

5. Her curated wardrobe (think whites, pale pastels, and stripes) puts my "eclectic" (read entirely thrifted) tastes at sixteen to shame.

6. Her good taste extends beyond her wardrobe seamlessly into her decor style. She points out details like painted shutters and well placed garages on drives through the neighborhood, to my delight. Check her Pinterest for almost an entire floor plan of her future home. And then proceed to rethink whatever ideas you had for your own. 

7. I've been utilizing Jim as an assistant in my babysitting endeavors since before it was entirely legal for me to babysitting myself. Turns out, she's the best with kids, always quick to listen and prepare healthy snacks. I, turns out, am more likely to drive for donuts and lecture on why 80s music matters.

8. Road trips are never a bore with Jim. As mentioned, she always packs snacks. More essential, she happens to be an excellent DJ, reading the vibe of the vehicle like a pro. Ballads of 2011? Raps most of us know the chorus to? The Hamilton soundtrack front to back?

9. Dutifully, usually without too much convincing, she makes the perfect partner in errand running. I've probably dragged her to Half Price Books three times as many times as she would prefer. 

10. Being supportive is her natural instinct. No idea or dream frightens her. The people she loves feel invincible when she's on their team. 

11. Post dinner dance parties are her speciality, from Hall and Oates to Charlie Puth, she brings the same commitment to turning the beat around. 

12. Jim's baking is fantastic, no doubt about it. But what I really love is her willingness to cater to her audience. She's up for any request, any diet restriction, as long as she can work in chocolate. Her pies remain her speciality, but her dinners are just as lovely.

13. Hallmark movies are as much a part of my little sister as anything else. No one believes in a happy ending more. No one is more prone to look past the logistics of every main character's career choice/source of income than she. No one advocates harder for The Christmas Prince, year round. 

14. Wise beyond her years, Sarah is gentle in the ways she speaks truth to others. Her encouragement is genuine and her hope is always be the reminder of love that people need.

15. When presented with a free afternoon, Jim dreams up plans, refusing to let any day be lost to boredom. She loves a picnic, a trip to Smokey Row for shakes, or a spontaneous road trip. 

16. Jim is quick to grab my hand, ask about the book I'm reading, or sit on FaceTime with me while I'm putting away laundry. I'm convinced there's nothing better than being her sister, than getting to learn from her and love her year after year. Happy birthday, Jim. xx


In Galveston 

In Galveston 

Outside of the best place for pie in Brooklyn

Outside of the best place for pie in Brooklyn