Shopping Responsibly

I’ve put off writing about shopping responsibility for a long time. It’s a topic I’m deeply passionate about, but covering it in a few paragraphs felt daunting. The clothes we wear are so incredibly personal, as well. I decided to write about the topic generally, to open the conversation, and hopefully allow it to be something I can explore continuously on this site.

Living with intentionality means making choices on purpose, knowing they are the parts that compose your life. This extends into the way we consume clothing.

In high school, my ethos around shopping was really about accumulation. I remember taking pride in an overflowing walk in closet, stuffed with ill fitting finds next to cheap fast fashion pieces. One of the issues of this sort of consumption is that it’s cyclical, therefore hard to stop.

I’m lucky to have a cousin like Ashley, older, wiser, and incredibly fashionable. She and I spent many hours in conversation about the way we shopped. She argued that if only women’s fashion functioned like men’s consumption would be less about the newest trends, more centered on the classics. That resonated with me.

Attending FIT, understanding the process behind fast fashion, owning increasingly less and less closet real estate, and seeking quality over quantity have all played a part in the way I shop now. What was scary (not being to head to J. Crew for a pick me up after a long day at work) at first, seems rational now.

It’s not about legalism, but more about allowing the goods I invite into my life to match my personal style. This process brings me joy-finding designers, learning about their design and manufacturing process, and then investing my money in their vision.  

It’s a decision to shop less, but with greater intention. With any movement in life, the result of taking time is a greater appreciation of the end result.


Here is a list of either independent, sustainable, or just generally different brands I love to support. You’ll notice most of them are female-owned, a huge plus for me.  


Vintage: Forgive me for stating the obvious, but there is nothing better for the environment/your personal style/finding quality at a good price than shopping vintage.

Cuyana: My first school bag is one I still use to lug my everyday essentials across the city. I also adore my monogrammed wallet.

Everlane: The best one stop shop for tees, silks, and pants. 

Everli: Thanks to the Instagram algorithm for this find. I purchased Ruby and my mom gifts from here. The owner is lovely and the jewelry is all made by her in New York. 

Clare V: Think chic, French, and made in LA. 

Dôen: Dôen is the only reason I would consider moving to California. Their pieces are accommodating to all sorts of body types and simply beautiful. 

Kiki Koyote: Minneapolis based, female-owned jewelry company with affordable, unique choices. 

Billie.v: Two women based in Tennessee craft delightful linen tops and dress in small batches. My tan, linen pucker tank is the only thing I want to wear on the hottest days. 

Calder Blake: A curation of timeless, investment worthy clothing. I love my bodysuit and t shirts from Calder Blake. 

Patagonia: I might not be the most outdoor inclined, but in the rare occasion, I love feeling good about supporting brands like Patagonia.

Outdoor Voices: For those turned off by activewear's typical look, try OV. Their Court Skort is my new "Summer in New York" essential.