Chicago, Illinois

After I moved back from New York, Danielle and I tossed out the idea of meeting halfway in Chicago casually during a phone call. It manifested this weekend in the most Danielle/Erika way possible-loads of walking, donuts, and the simple joy of being together.

Here are the spots we loved in a city that we left pretty infatuated with. It's not New York, but it sure is clean.

MCA Chicago

Kind of the perfect museum. It's small enough to enjoy without feeling overwhelmed. We loved the Eternal Youth exhibit. Danielle was in her personal heaven when we walked into the Takashi Murakami exhibit upstairs. I thought the gift shop's book selection was equally as exciting. 

Chicago Athletic Association Hotel

Hungry, with some time before our film that night, we ducked into this inconspicuous building. We were greeted by what felt like the most chic oasis. Think library, removed the musty smells and replace them with well dressed travelers and specialty cocktails. We sat at a long table, enjoyed our classic order of fries and a salad, and properly caught up. Apparently the rooftop bar is equally as cool, but we had a movie to catch. 


Danielle and I walked past this adorable shop after emergency sweetgreen post travel and were stopped in our tracks. Antique glassware? Kitschy stationery? Mugs just like the ones at The Grey Dog? Yes, yes, and yes. We left inspired and were sure to return for gifts for our people back home. 

Lincoln Park

Saturday was devoted to the exploration of this neighborhood of Chicago. We walked maybe a bit more than expected but of course, like the New Yorkers we are, had the mind to pack sneakers. The farmer's market in Lincoln Park was a dream. We loved Greer for stationery and Heritage Bicycles for cold brew. Also judging the curb appeal of townhomes, but maybe that's just us. 

Wicker Park

When researching from our hotel beds, we realised lots of the places we were bookmarking landed in one specific neighborhood. Wicker Park snuck up on us and won us over almost instantly. We obsessed over Gather Home + Lifestyle and browsed Myopic Books for a while. Lunch at Fairgrounds kind of felt like eating in Instagram, considering every detail felt that curated. But highly recommend the Breakfast Tacos.  

Doughnut Vault and Real Good Juice

There's nothing like a balanced breakfast to start a day in a new city and what could be more balanced than a doughnut and juice? Dan and I are notorious donut aficionados with a clear sense of what we love. We waited on line for ten minutes or would have waited an hour for the donuts we got-the total highlight of our trip. We walked to Real Good Juice and then on to the museum.

Gene Siskel Film Center

My favorite things to do in a new city are to find a local bookstore and see a film at an indie theater. Saturday afternoon we slipped into a showing of Le Jour se Lève at the local film school. We both took film classes at FIT and loved the chance to enjoy a classic of French cinema together.

Thanks to Dan, for the best weekend away. xx