An Interview with Shelly DeRuiter

Meet Shelly. She's my aunt, my mom's sister. Aunt Shell has been a constant in my life since before I can remember. She is wise (so wise) and kind. Time with her is something I look forward to, especially since it usually involves us discussing mysticism, drinking kombucha, and laughing the way you only can when you're fully known and fully seen. She can usually be found reading on her chair, next to her pup or on a walk. Oh, or finding a new recipe for the whole family to request to be emailed immediately for reproduction. 

On reading:

YES.  Right now I am reading books from my Spiritual Foundations Course:  Thomas Merton, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, John Calvin, Evelyn Underhill - all with wordage that resonates.  And I several white binders lying around the house from previous Physical Therapy courses I've been too.  I am always trying to learn more about healing - the latest is called Cervical Revolution. On my Amazon wish list is Rob Bell's newest book What is the Bible.  Oh, and I have two books on Enneagram going right now, as well. 

(Erika) Our text conversations are shots of books we're currently reading or bringing to let the other borrow. Our taste, especially in all things mystical and spiritual, has been deeply influenced by her. Really thankful for that. Time in!

On how you spend your Saturday afternoons:

Hiking the woods around Lake Michigan in all seasons, completing house projects, watching some soccer in the fall, reading. 

(Erika) When we get the chance to spend the weekend together, our favorite start of Saturdays is the Veggie Scramble and coffee from La Mie. From there, a farmers market run or a stop at a local book store is in order. Cooking and meal prep always feel more enjoyable together, so finding inspiration and being in the kitchen is a classic Saturday for us. 

On your personal uniform:

Comfort wins always. When I'm not working, my favorite army green shorts and white v-neck t-shirt.

(Erika) Not only my reading style, but also my personal style has been totally influenced by Shell. I can recall the skirts she would wear to work and the shirts she would lounge around the house in with clarity from my childhood. She always looked at home in her outfits. Her ethos of investing in quality, beautiful pieces is something I carry with me. I love nothing more than leaving the house in some flowy pants, a knotted tee, and a loose caridan, catching my refleciton in the mirror and thinking, "I look like Shell."

On what speaks to you:

Being outside - whether in woods, along water, hiking dunes, or even in my backyard. The fewer people, the better.

What also speaks to me is being with people who have a desire allow God to continue to expand their conception of who He is and the transformation He is inviting us to.