An Interview with Sarah Veurink

Meet Jim. Most people know her as Sarah, but to our family she's Jim. She is my younger sister, closest confidant, and the light of my life. Knowing Jim is to know unconditional joy and love. She is always game for a bike ride, baking a pie (obviously homemade crust), or a Target run. This might be my favorite interview yet, so I'll let it speak for itself. I know you'll be as obsessed with Jim as I am. x

On reading:

Well, this is a little embarrassing. You would expect being Erika’s little sister I would have the same skill of reading five books in a day. I can probably blame it on my age (I’m a freshmen in high school) or my lack of time, but honestly I would so much rather talk than read. Once in awhile, I will find a really good book and get half way through or maybe even all the way. (You can picture me blushing while you are reading this.) I love a cheesy Christmas love story, or anything that reminds me of Hallmark on paper. I love learning about fashion and beauty (and they are usually picture books, so that’s a plus.) Historical books spark my interest every once in awhile. I read ⅓ of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and The Book Thief. I really enjoyed what my attention span allowed! My most favorite books to read are books that help me learn more about the grace and freedom I have been given. Some of my current favorites are: Uninvited and Looking for Lovely. Also, if I were to give you two tips on reading (even though I’m way less than qualified to do so) I would say to first, read when you get in a reading mood. From my experience this is not often, and I like to take advantage of it when I have it. Secondly, keep a pencil by you when you are reading. I love expanding on a sentence that reminded me of the Physics or U.S. History lesson I had to sit through earlier that day. This makes your learning and realizations your own.

On how you spend your Saturday afternoons:

Considering I can’t drive yet, my routines are a bit limited. But it is something I’ve learned to appreciate. Saturdays begin with me laying in bed until about 10:30 not necessarily doing anything. My mom almost always makes a warm, comforting breakfast on our lazy Saturdays, so I’ll wrap up in a blanket and walk to the kitchen to find my mom and Erika conversing over coffee and (usually) baked oatmeal. My brother will make his way up eventually (anywhere from 9-12.) Saturdays are my cleaning days. I will pick up my room, make my bed, vacuum the carpet, scrub my shower, and usually clean the toilet. All while having a fresh candle burning, the window open, and Jack Johnson playing. If all days were sunny and 70 degrees, I would go on a bike ride, but living in Iowa you never know. I like to get a little exercise in and have a light smoothie or just some fruits and vegetables for lunch. I finish some homework and online shop. Usually I drive my mom and myself to run some errands, and I end up buying more journals or pads of paper. At night, I usually try to get together with some friends. I love just hanging out and watching a movie (oh, and of course popcorn!) My night will end in my bed watching a little of The Great British Bake Off until Victorian cakes don’t interest me any more.

On your go to dinner party plan:

I'm going to change this question a bit-What would your dinner party plan be if you were 25? Okay, good. I dream of being the best hostess ever. Picture this: Huge gazebo, long white table with long benches, and a colorful bouquet every 3 feet. I love baking and cooking, so food is the fun part. I’m not a huge fan of chicken, but appeal to your audiences, right? So, lemon, and cilantro marinated chicken with a light quinoa salad on the side. Also, roasted asparagus and onions and sweet potatoes (we do them on the grill in the summer and let me tell you… it’s amazing!). My trick is keep the meal light, so the dessert can be heavy! Considering my love of baking, you can expect I love trying new things. But, for a crowd pleaser I would go with a french silk pie, or a lemon pie. Pies are much lighter than cake, and when I make chocolate cake it’s intense. French silk is pretty light on the chocolate side (but, in NO way healthy) and who can resist lemon pie in the summer?

On your personal uniform:

If you compare me to any high schooler I would say I have a pretty unique style. Either that or I like to dress like I’m 25. Being in school, sometimes I hate dressing up, but I make myself because I think it’s fun! Here’s my schedule for a school week:

Monday: skirt

Tuesday: jeans

Wednesday: sweats or any other kinds of pants that aren’t jeans

Thursday: I have to wear a uniform that consists of khaki pants and a polo, very cute huh?

Friday: dress

Call me crazy, but this is the only thing that works for me. I’ve even got some of my friends on the train! Last summer, before I started my freshmen year, I really wanted to define my style. I know that sounds a little premature for me to do because I hadn’t even started high school! But, it was so fun. I read the book I Love Your Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style. After reading through, I saw myself land in the classic category. Now, whenever I pick an outfit, I picture if the ladies in that book would wear it! After I had my heart set on this style, my mom bought me my first blazer! It’s navy and I haven’t seen another high schooler wear one, but I love it and if they don’t, too bad. It’s funny, I think twice a day I try to explain to a 15 year-old boy why your last initial goes in the middle of your monogram, hence my monogrammed backpack. That’s high school. If I could, every day I would wear a striped black and white long sleeve shirt with an overall dress and a monogram necklace, but it’s not always Friday (dress day.)

On what speaks to you:

I could name a list of maybe 50, but I’m going to narrow it down to three.

First, being spontaneous. I’ve learned this from my best friend. She does things on a whim, and I’ve learned there is absolutely no problem in that. Recently, I joined the school musical. Never in a million years did I picture myself doing so, but now I’m so excited and am having a blast.

Second, having deep conversations. Whether it’s someone I just met, or someone I’ve known for ten years, talking purposefully gives me so much joy. Really, listening to someone about what is on their heart is one of the most important things. I think it is the absolute best way to get to know someone and show them you care. Whether it’s your grandpa or a kid you babysit, get on their level. Be genuinely interested in what is amazing and beautiful to them.

Third, and most importantly, I could not write about what speaks to me without including really the only thing that speaks to me-my relationship with Jesus. Over the past couple of years, I have discovered what it means to live in freedom. That word can be defined as no rules, but to me it is being confident in my faith in the true king. The Lord is completely in love with you and me, and has saved us all. When I entered into this relationship with him, I didn’t realize what intimacy and love were. But, it has become so clear to me. It is undeniable dedication and faith no matter the circumstance. I have learned to live in love and grace. That is something I can’t keep inside.

If you are confused with my reading choices or my opinion on blazers or my passions, or you just want to have a deep conversation email me: