An Interview with Natalie Pettigrew

Meet Nat. She and I met through my best friend our first year of college. We bonded instantly, after I insisted on shaking her hand instead of giving her a hug, if memory serves me. Natalie and I hardly get to see each other, but time with her is so valuable to me. She listens genuinely, laughs freely, and speaks with candor that is refreshing. Nat is a creative genius with a strong sense of self; an inspiration for sure. Enjoy! xx

On reading:

The only thing I have time to read these days is the monthly issue of Vogue-my Bible. Ha. I used to be an avid reader – mostly fiction novels, but when I got to college I had to focus my free time on my coursework and extracurricular. As much as I would prefer to concentrate on a made up reality filled with beautifully misunderstood characters and wild scenarios, I had to allocate my time towards my own reality. Just for now though, someday I’ll be able to read all the books in the world! One book that I recommend everyone read is The Architect of Happiness by Alain De Botton, which magnifies the importance of appreciating beauty by no previous technical definitions. This past break, I read a compilation of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I hope to improve my writing so that someday I can write poems for my lover. Other reading material includes: poring over Anthropology magazines, the occasional comedian biography, and of course well-executed memes. Please keep reading everyone.

On how you spend your Saturday afternoons:

If it’s a nice Saturday, I would have already had coffee - maybe even a nice breakfast (this includes a brunch-bloody-Mary) and I would then be binge watching some type of program. If it were more of a productive weekend (So, another cup of coffee at about one o-clock), I would hopefully be enjoying time with equally as inquisitive friends as we venture to different places. 

On your go to dinner party plan:

I dream about dinner parties that include ornate dishware, multiple courses, tasteful music and most importantly, good company. 

On your personal uniform:

I swear sometimes people just put things on their bodies because it’s trending at the time. I’ll admit, I was not always as into fashion as I am today. I was a huge mess in middle school. In high school I started to notice how acquiring certain pieces affected your attitude and presence. It was like; the better I felt I looked in clothing and accessories, the more confident I was to voice my opinions or introduce myself to new people. 

How you dress yourself is a great to serve as a sort of creative outlet and can be a tool in self-expression – which is why it’s so fun to dress for yourself! I tend to gravitate toward classic styles that can be dressed up or down per occassion. I beam over my sneaker collection, but I am in love with all shoes. My favorite clothing stores these days would be Zara, Free People and of course the occasional thrift shop. 

On what speaks to you:

I hope that life continues to lead me in directions of change and growth. I look for moments/people/things that make me feel something or allow me to understand ideals of a concept. I seek mental and emotional stimulation in what I read, what I spend my time looking at, throughout my interactions with people and in the activities I participate in. 

Lately, I can’t get enough of art museums and antique stores. I recommend exploring and educating yourself on as much art and culture as you can get your hands on. It’s a big world filled with lots of ideas and people. There is so much to experience and a lot of pivotal moments to be had.