Gift Guide Time

I might be a few weeks late, but these ideas are for the procrastinators with good intentions and no idea where to start. Gift giving is my first language, my favorite way to say, "You're important to me and I love you." There's plenty of people to say this to, especially this time of year, so let's get into what is hopefully your helpful guide to those hard to gift aunts and your best friend who has everything.

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Candles may feel like a cop out, but make it indulgent with this classic or go for something new. Either way, the holidays are peak candle season. 

Knitting a scarf is a fun way to entertain yourself during a movie and a certain path to Hygge. Pick your recipient's favorite color, look up a Youtube tutorial, and get started. (this yarn is practically foolproof.)

Coffee beans from your favorite shop are a sweet, easy gift. If I was in Des Moines I would head to La Mie and in Brooklyn I would probably settle on Cafe Grumpy

Popping into a local print shop is another way to find a fun, affordable gift. Think prints, card sets, and even notepads. (Pink Print in Des Moines and Lion in the Sun in Park Slope.)

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Would it be a gift guide without my favorite of gifts? Buying books can be intimate and intimidating, but these are universal picks with lots of shelf appeal.

Anything by Anne Tyler, Jane Smiley, Kent Haruf. These three authors are masters of fiction, mostly family oriented, driven very much by place. 

The Joy of Cooking is an essential for every kitchen. Whether a recent college grad or a cousin with a knack for all things culinary, this book makes an excellent gift. 

Lastly, coffee table books are my favorite kind of book to gift. They feel special and like works of art, well because they are! Consider the interests of the person you're gifting, check out used book stores and vintage spots, and get creative.

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It might be cutting it a bit close for personalized gifts, but there's nothing like thought and attention that makes a personalized gift special. 

Cuyana makes a beautiful wallet that both Ruby and I carry almost every day. They are classic, practical, and such a fantastic leather. Add a monogram and it's an instant heirloom.

A surprisingly versatile gift, the L.L. Bean Boat and Tote can be used to a host of purposes. Mine currently functions as my laundry bag, but has served as back up book storage in the past. Go for a size medium and add on a fun monogram.  

I wear my Love Code necklace from Everli every day. It's such a sweet gift with the capability of saying something more than just a person's name. Bonus: it comes adorably wrapped. 

When it comes to a good notebook, Moleskine has been my go to for years. Last Christmas, Danielle gave me a monogrammed classic journal. It turned out to be the most thoughtful gift that I smile every time I reach for.