An Invitation to Feast

Birthdays in the face of grief are somewhere between uncomfortable and the most honest paradox of life itself. 

"...the paradox is one of our most valued spiritual possessions..." said Jung. 

Every year, once the hazy fall sun had slipped into evening, we would eagerly await Dad's arrival home from work. Every year, we ordered the same thing from our favorite BBQ chain, The Feast for Four. Every year, the rush to get the first cornbread muffin and the delight of not having to set the table with real silverware felt unchanging.  

And then things changed. Halloween was about him for us. It still is, in a way. It's a reminder, to me, and hopefully to you, to step boldly into paradox. It's an invitation to feast, like we did. To gather the people you love around something sacred and say, "This is now. This is good."

Happy birthday to the man who lived this invitation.