Current Reads: One


1. Fates & Furies by Lauren Groff   As I reread this novel, I'm even more convinced of its beauty. I picked it up at Three Lives before a long flight exactly a year ago. I fell into the rhythm of the story immediately. Fates and Furies is precisely the kind of fiction I'm craving right now-sweeping and poetic. 

2. Bluets by Maggie Nelson   There aren't words for this book, truly. It's the kind of poetry/essay format that makes reading feel deeply personal. After reading it at the same time as my best friend and my go to literary critic, I remember calling her to make sure I wasn't crazy-that this book really was unlike anything else. She agreed and I proceeded to order copies for two more friends. This book is a gift, simply. 

3. Reading My Father by Alexandra Styron  A well written memoir by the daughter of William Styron (Sophie's Choice.) Entering into private relationships in literature can be complicated. Alexandra Styron does an excellent job of making it less complicated by exposing her father for the genius he was-in both his admirable and less admirable actions, always with honesty and grace of a daughter who admired her father deeply. 

4. Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist   I started this book over Thanksgiving at my aunt's in Michigan. Reading it with family bustling in the kitchen and Carole King on the record player was the best environment I could have asked for. The book is by no means a literary classic, one to dissect and discuss. Instead, it is simply a book that reminds the reader of the enduring power of the table and those who gather around it. The recipes included are simple as well (perfect for me) and fit into everyday life, same as the book.

5. The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion   Literature on grief has long captivated me. It's an emotion I find difficult to talk about, much less publish a book about. Per usual, Didion writes on the subject beautifully. Her grace is in her honesty, in her vulnerability. 

I want to know what you're reading, as well. Leave suggestions/your reactions to the books I've enjoyed xx